Hi There when i chose php 8.1 i have this message ‘’ Cannot fetch details. Error message: PHP matching query does not exist.’’
I have tried installing php 8.1
‘yum -y install lsphp81
yum -y install lsphp81-mysqlnd lsphp81-gd lsphp81-process lsphp81-mbstring lsphp81-xml lsphp81-zip lsphp81-pdo lsphp81-imap lsphp81-soap lsphp81-bcmath’’
but yet i see it’s active but on cyberpanel it shows ‘’’ Cannot fetch details. Error message: PHP matching query does not exist.’’’ please check screenshot

make sure to update your cyberpanel because php8.1 has been already added to cyberpanel.

I have same problem on all of my servers when try install 8.1 extensions on cyberpanel. One of servers are fresh 7 day old server.


fresh install

This section in particular is broken in cyberpanel for php8.1 as it fails to list the php8.1 extensions installed. but you can select php8.1 and it will work. I am using it in my wordpress sites and works perfect.

Haven’t try since 8.1 came but that time redis was not working.
Does redis work now out of box or need manual install extension?

If it’s broken why it’s like that with no update
for myself, i need gzip, Imagick extension for PHP 8.1 but i can’t enable it because as you said ‘’ broken’’
@usmannasir Hopefully you can look into this

No, its not broken that way. Every modules are pre-activated whichever is installed in server. Its just that the controlling part interface (disabling and enabling modules ) is broken

You just need to select the php8.1 inside website manage option in cyberpanel and it will work. Have a try.

I’m already using PHP 8.1 on my website but I can’t edit the extension because it’s broken like I said the gzip, Imagick extension for PHP 8.1, and my website needs that extension

Make sure gzip and imagick extensions are installed on your server. PHP8.1 was not meant to be officially available for cyberpanel as its very new. Its only upon request, the developers added the support but it may have such minor issues. You better shift to PHP8.0 until PHP8.1 is perfectly fine. And php8 to php8.1 doesnt have any difference in performance.

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You can ensure that you have all the 8.1 modules installed by using this command in cli

sudo apt install lsphp81*

i did… just like mr. usman told me before ( in other post) but when i try to click that option
bang… same like screenshoot

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Yes, as people have described, 8.1 doesn’t work with Cyberpanel right now but it should work with your websites.


yeap… … … … i just giving info that apt install lsphp81* not solved the problem. that mention before.

actually i’m running at 8.0 … look like good and little faster

Same for me. I can’t modify PHP 8.1

cp -f /usr/local/lsws/lsphp81/bin/php /usr/bin/

this works for me to change to 8.1