How to use php version 8.2.4 or 8.1.7?

I’ve read all the threads on here and haven’t found a solution. I used this link How to use php version 8.2 for install php 8.2
So I installed php 8.2 on the Ubuntu, then I added a configuration file for OpenLite speed, but it still shows the version for the site 8.1.14 and in Ubuntu php -v this 8.1.17 +

  1. How for OpenLite speed setup php 8.1.17 + or 8.2.4 ??

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Shows where

How ? I have error: An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.

When you run php -v what do you get ?

If its not php 8.2.4 or whichever you prefer then you need to Change default php to v8.0 - #10 by josephgodwinke

Did you set the external app for the virtual host in OLS/LS Web Admin Console ? Edit the PHP LiteSpeed SAPI App of your website’s virtual host

Set the full path of your preferred php under command field - Specifies the full command line including parameters to execute the external application.

Yes, I did it all. I installed version 8.1.19

Then I added settings in Openlitespeed

Restarted the server, but the version is still 8.1.4

I found this post and started compiling php to the version I need

But I have an endless loading load and no next window “Done” What am I doing wrong ?

What do you mean by this statement ?

The LiteSpeed SAPI App should have unique name you should also set a proper unique socket address used by the external application Syntax: IPv4 or IPV6 address:port or UDS://path

You should also specify whether you want the web server to start the application automatically - choose YES option so that it gets started through CGI Daemon. This always athe default setting if you changed this revert it back to YES

It takes a very long time to compile so please be patient.
If you get errors, then follow the steps to install the devels.

I mean this. I attached step by step everything I did, I get an error like on the screenshot and then the compilation window is endless

How to check if compilation is going on? Nothing happens, just writes loading and that’s it

Seems you did not follow the instructions here How to use php version 8.2

I can’t follow this instruction, I have an error when I create a config

I searched for a solution but didn’t find it. What am I doing wrong ? Ubuntu 20.04

This is an issue of making making ./configure executable chmod +x configure This should work.

How to use php version 8.2 this process works perfectly on Ubuntu 20.04


Kindly use the forum to your advantage. Such an issue has been resolved for other users such as yourself How to install Php Curl & Php Sqlite3 - #2 by josephgodwinke

Done, buy have new error

checking for utf8_mime2text signature... new
checking for U8T_DECOMPOSE... yes
checking for pam_start in -lpam... yes
checking for crypt in -lcrypt... yes
configure: error: Cannot find imap library (libc-client.a). Please check your c-client installation.

Is this centos ? cause I bet it was ubuntu from your topic description

I have ubuntu Ubuntu 20.04

is this a new installation ?

What do you have in mind “New”? I installed the cyberpanel a couple of hours ago
Maybe need change it here?

./configure  '--prefix=/usr/local/lsws/lsphp82' '--with-libdir=lib64' '--with-zlib' '--with-gd' '--enable-shmop' '--enable-sockets' '--enable-sysvsem' '--enable-sysvshm' '--with-curl' '--with-openssl' '--with-gettext' '--with-mcrypt' '--enable-mbstring=all' '--enable-mbregex' '--with-png-dir=/usr' '--with-jpeg-dir=/usr' '--with-kerberos' '--enable-ftp' '--with-imap=/usr' '--with-imap-ssl' '--with-mysql=/usr' '--with-mysqli=/usr/bin/mysql_config' '--enable-pcntl' '--with-freetype-dir=/usr' '--with-pdo-mysql=/usr' '--with-litespeed'

Or copy the library somewhere? Like that