PHP 8.1 Isphp81 Zip & Imagick not installed CentOS 7

Hi, I want to switch my php version from 7.4 to 8.1. But when I switch PHP version wordpress start showing errors for my website Tools>Site Health.

PHP modules perform most of the tasks on the server that make your site run. Any changes to these must be made by your server administrator.

The WordPress Hosting Team maintains a list of those modules, both recommended and required, in the team handbook (opens in a new tab).

  • Warning The optional module, imagick, is not installed, or has been disabled.
  • Warning The optional module, zip, is not installed, or has been disabled.

2nd error is

The scheduled event, action_scheduler_run_queue, is late to run. Your site still works, but this may indicate that scheduling posts or automated updates may not work as intended.

Please guide me how can I solve these issues.

Thank you!!

Try compiling php 8.1:

Php 8.1 error in INSTALL PHP EXTENSIONS - Support and Discussion / General Discussion - CyberPanel Community

Hi quoviz_dev

Thank you so much for your reply. Please confirm for 8.1.10 same process?

Yes same process, even for when 8.2 comes out, you just need to specify the appropriate folder.
You can just replace 8.1.9 with 8.1.10 in file.