Cyberpanel V 2.3

Hi all, I recently updated the CP to V2.3 , however when I update any of my websites to PHP 8.1, I get the 403 forbidden message and can’t login to the admin area anymore, I checked PHP V8.0 and have no issues.
Any ideas???

You have Wordpress site or which platform you are using for your site

I use WordPress. You can replicate the issue by adding a WordPress site and change PHP to 8.1 , then you’ll get ann error of 403. Then if you change the PHP to lower version, the issue will be gone.

WordPress does not support 8.1 fully.

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Oh ok thanks, I thought something is wrong with CP.

i use wordpress newest + php 8.1 using other panel… all working well

and i never get 403 error…
i try on cyberpanel… php 8.0
403 again

cyberpanel maybe not fully work at 8.1

On CP it works on PHP 8.0 but not 8.1

that problem with litespeed+cyberpanel

i try at hestia, cwp, fastpanel and some other panel
all working (apache mode)

and sometimes… old plugin/themes that not compatible yet can messed up

all wordpress site on that hosting working well…
just for info…
so the perception that error caused because wordpress not compatible with 8.1 is a missinformation.

the problem is at webserver engine and all software that use for it… could because the plugin/themes or maybe the panel and the webserver engine.

i can talk like this
because i can prove it
before this, i was believe that wordpress not support 8.1 even i only install wordpress without plugin and/or themes
after i try on other panel and webserver engine, it running well
so i have -1 point about the cyberpanel
it’s true i really can prove it

but i believe that cyberpanel will correct all bug and incompatible script after the “premium” feature 100% works…
some one need to buy the food… right ?

better to tell people " sorry we have trouble about wordpress + php 8.1" than " wordpress not compatible with 8.1"

This is correct that WordPress is compatible with PHP 8.1

ofcourse wordpress will compatible with 8.1
there is an reason php upgrading their version
and with same reason cms like joomla or wordpress must support with newest ( at least 1 or two version before the newest) PHP

I running WP with PHP 8.1+Cyberpanel without any error. Please note that and are not same.

Yes, we talk about
Which Cyberpanel Version do you use?

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not use it anymore

I’ve been using Cyberpanel and Wordpress with php v 8.1 since around May without issues, most of the issues I encounter relates to plugins and incompatibility.

However: lsphp installed with Cyberpanel misses a lot of extensions and packages are not available.
I managed to get everything working by going manual and compiling.

You can follow my instruct here: Php 8.1 error in INSTALL PHP EXTENSIONS - Support and Discussion / General Discussion - CyberPanel Community