1 - Manage DNS

CyberPanel ships with a DNS server, which lets you do following things:
  • Create Nameservers.

  • Create DNS Zone.

  • Delete Zone.

  • Add/Delete Records.

Create Name servers

There is a dedicated page which lets you create Name Servers. If you use this page to create name servers than DNS Zone for this domain will also be created.

This page is a simply utility to create name servers in a user friendly way. DNS zone for this domain will automatically be created, all you have to do is fill all the fields, example values can be:

After creating name servers on your server, you have to create or register glue records, you can read the article below for more information:

How to register private name servers with Namecheap or Godaddy!

After adding these records at your domain registrar, you can use following name servers with all your domains whose DNS is managed by your server.

  1. ns1.cyberpanel.net

  2. ns2.cyberpanel.net

Replace these with the one you created, after completing these steps you can create DNS Zones or Add/Delete records.

Create DNS Zone

Before you can use “ADD/MODIFY DNS Records” page you have to create DNS zone first, this is the first step to start using the DNS server.

Just enter the domain for which you want to control DNS Records on this server.

Add/Delete Records

Once DNS zone is created you can add or delete records using this page.

Currently Supported Records:

  • A

  • AAAA

  • MX


  • TXT

  • SPF

  • NS

How to add A record

Let see the configurations for adding A record for cyberpanel.net.

  • From drop down select A.

  • In the name box, you can either enter @ or cyberpanel.net, which means the same.

  • Finally enter the IP to where this records should point to.

How to add MX Record

There are two step for adding MX record, for example, your mail server is at mail.cyberpanel.net, first you need to create an A record for this domain as defined above.

Once the A record is added you can add MXrecord.

You can set the priority as required, after adding MX and A record your final configuration should look like:

thanks for tutorial.
i have a problem with name servers.
i write it two different ip address two different name servers.
i forget the name servers ip address.
is there any way to find out name servers ip address on cyberpanel ?
is there any way to edit name servers ?

can you create new thead ? so community can help you.

I have created my own name server example (n21.domain.com and ns2.domain.com) so I understand the part of changing ns records on other hostings providers. but my problem is that I moved my domain name from Hostgator to Cloudflare now when i check ns records it shows Cloudflare I want it to show my own, how can i add my own NS on Cloudflare. The reason I’m doing this is because i cannot use my email. when i try to send a message it says CANT SEND MESSAGE. or when i send an email from GMAIL does not go true, but is strange because i get some emails for example when i login into Cloudflare i get a notification but when i try to send one from Gmail never makes it to my server. i also change my server name to the domain name. can someone gide me how it gets done please. and whats the best way to stop spams, it looks like i get spams but i dont get my gmail and thats funy

You can… but u cant with free cloudflare account

may i know the domain name ?

and screenshoot at Cloudflare DNS ?
you can PM me if you dont want to show the screenshoot here

later… after i see the zone record at cloudflare

after i see your CF DNS

if you use Free CF…
then that NS Will not working except you can use it as “fake” Name Server
if so…
about NS
u only need add:
A NS1 164.xxx.xxx.xxx DNS ONLY
A NS2 164.xxx.xxx.xxx DNS ONLY

other domain now can directly use
domainname IN NS NS1.your-domain.com
domainname IN NS NS2.your-domain.com

but this methode sometimes will need more than 24hours to resolve

Now about email: ( at my next reply

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about email
your Cloudflare MX Record is fine
but if you want to try

your default
mail.your-domain.com IN CNAME your-domain.com

change to
mail.your-domain.com IN A 164.xxx.xxx.xxx

then sent me the zone record at cyberpanel
via INBOX or PM

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is this the correct way right…

it will work
but remember it will need more than 2days to propagate

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yes dont mind that, but I can create other websites for other domains meanwhile right.
and thank you for the help. i have some other questions on the records and the section where it sais zones in cyberpanel but i dont want to bother to much. thank u so much

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no prob… we all are here to help each other

you just need 1 more step
add NS1 IN A ip.ip.ip.ip.
add NS2 IN A ip.ip.ip.ip
update: add this at your cyberpanel


DNS Docs is missing the CloudFlare Instructions! I would like to know which CloudFlare API I should use. Please add instructions to this section.
Thank you!

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Check this one there s tutorial for cloudflare

If I am using other DNS operator for example quick. So better delete zone in cyberpanel?

how i can to reslove this error ( Cannot create DNS Zone. Error message: (1062, “Duplicate entry ‘mydomain’ for key ‘name’”)

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I have this issue also. Installer asked for FQDN, gave it hostname.domainname.tld and it ended up installing that FQDN as the first domain on CyberPanel (TRIAL/FREE 1 domain allowed)… problematic…

What’s not funny is trying to delete the zone, it does not find itself, so create the zone and it does (I mean the FQDN not just the domain), then delete and it says it has, but it remains… trying to create the domain itself, however does not work… error quoted above… I’m assuming a file needs to be edited somewhere… this is definitely a bug.