Getting started and whats been done so far


So like a lot of people, I decided to get away from shared cPanel hosting and went for VPS that offered 1 click CyberPanel. I am far from being a network admin but unfortunately I don’t have the means and budget to hire someone professionally so I have to everything on my own.

Using some guides, I managed to restore the cPanel back up on the CyberPanel server. Ultimately, I have a few WordPress sites for myself and a few for folks that needed some help. A couple of them have email accounts as well so what my goal is to get this baby up and running so that people can have working websites as well as working emails which brings me to the following:

  1. What are essential things I have to configure? I havent touched the DNS settings and I am not sure how to go about setting it up.
  2. I imported the sites but Im not sure how to preview them so I dont even know if they work after restoring from backup
  3. How should I configure DNS for those whole have domains but I host their websites? Should I set up name servers for them BUT for my own work websites, just set up DNS records?
  4. If I assign a domain to the server/cyberpanel can I also have a website on it?
  5. If I have a project (WordPress website) that doesnt have a domain name and I had it on cPanel as a subdomain for my main domain used for the server but now I am confused as how to do that in CyberPanel.

I would really appreciate any support! Thank you in advance. I am open to video/screenshare calls if anyone has some time and experience to share.

Once more thank you for even the read!

First of all what essential thing do you want to know like only DNS? Then you can manage DNS with cyber panel for that check. 1 - Manage DNS
Use your host file to check sites preview on your browser.
Don’t update DNS for the sites you want to be on the old server and update only you want to be on the new server.
Hostname will work on 8090 and you can host site on it as it will work on 80 and 443

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