DNS Propagation of client's domain is not successful

I use namesilo to manage my domain name and my client’s domain name; use cyberpanel to manage my server.

I have a question, How to setting up a own dns and then let my client use my ns ? (I usually design and host websites for clients)

According to the online tutorial, I chose a domain name in namesilo to create ns, and directed this domain name to the server ip address managed by cyberpaenl. Then set the default dns in cyberpanel.

But when I had a new customer, I changed his domain name ns to my private ns. I checked with dnschecker and found that ns resolution was not very successful. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Does anyone have a better suggestion or solution? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Welcome @EdwardC1 Happy you are here

DNS propagation (the process of updating domain information on the internet’s Domain Name System servers) take longer depending on Time to Live (amount of time a DNS server caches a DNS record before it needs to be updated) of the DNS record, the record type (NS, CNAME. SPF, TXT, MX, A, AAAA), the DNS cache, and network conditions of your infrastructure or the decentralized system of Domain Name System servers.

DNS propagation takes 24hrs to 48 hours, however for some providers it can take up to 72 hours mainly because of Time to Live of specific domain providers.

Therefore its safe to say if you have a lower Time to Live (factor you can control) then you have shaved propagation time. However, the rest depends on all the aforementioned factors.

A more quicker way is to use cloudflare as your dns manager. Cloudflare DNS | Authoritative and Secondary DNS

Thank you for your warm reply. Well, then maybe it takes some time. So my setup process is correct right?

At present, I don’t really want to use cloudflare. If I use cloudflare, do I have to use its CDN?

Yes its correct if you followed all these steps 1 - Manage DNS - Docs - CyberPanel Community

Using cloudflare is optional. The service has a free tier that never expires. You will not be forced to use their CDN or any services you do not need or prefer.

Well, I don’t remember how it was added at the time. I checked again and felt that there was no problem with the steps. Maybe I can wait for the dns to spread first, if it doesn’t work, I can only think again.

Try to create an A record in Namesilo and put the IP there. I don’t know if private DNS works well with cyberpanel.

That’s what I do, but in fact. It doesn’t work well at present.

Do you have a better solution ? For private DNS use

They work perfectly. He should try it

Hi Joseph, my new domain ns still work not well now. only some places’s ns has been changed.

Should I still wait some more time, or try cloudflare + cyberpanel to do the private ns ?

And how to do that, is there any tutorial or video?Thank you in advance.

To be honest, I really want to use private ns instead of manually adding A records :joy:

Use this tutorial How to use CyberPanel as DNS Only Server!

Is the setting of namecheap the same as that of namesilo?

Yes but if you want a specific tutorial a quick google search shows a bunch of tutorials you can use such as How To Create/Update Private NameServers In NameSilo? | SeekaHost™

I just finished the video, but I’m confused. Maybe I didn’t make my question clear. I want to try to explain once.

I have already install cyberpanel to my vps, and install ssl to my panel already. I also set up my cyberpanel background as a secondary domain name login. They work well.

My question is if I have a domain at namesilo is, for exsample, edwardexcom

I registered the private ns with this domain: ns1.edwardexcom; ns2.edwardexcom
(ps:edwardex.com is the domain I already created website by cyberpanel. And I also use its panel.edwardexcom as the login url)

Now My request is, if I buy a new domain name such as hiedwardcom. And I want to use it to build a website.

I just want to use the private NS I created before, ns1.edwardexcom; ns2.edwardexcom. Once I change the ns of hiedwardcom to them. I don’t need to use A record by manuanlly.

And then I just need creat website by cyber panel for it, that’s it.
Then I install wordpress, and make the website.

Hope my words is clear. :wink:

////Please ignore that I don’t put a dot before the com as I found out that I’m not allowed to post too many links

Once you complete this process 2 - Creating Website - Docs - CyberPanel Community at this point CyberPanel has already created all the necessary zone records, the next step is to adjust nameservers of your client domain to your private nameservers on their respecitve domain providers. If the client domain is with namesilo you go there and adjust nameservers only.

So should I create the website first and then change the client’s domain’s ns to my private ns ?
Or change the ns first and creat the website second.?

Because I tried to change the client domain’s ns to mine first. And the dns don’t work well, I couldn’t get ssl at cyber panel when creat website…

So are my steps in the wrong order?

Change client domain ns records first.

No there no such thing. At the end of the day the domain dns records should point to your server. If that is not successful nothing else can be done successfully.

Thank you. But that’s what I did yesterday. I changed the domain’s ns to my private ns. But the ns check show it still not work. I don’t know which step I did wrong. :sweat_smile:

How long has it been since you last changed ?

More than 24 hours I think. I changed it before I ceate this topic.