WordPress issue

I have a few WordPress sites installed on CyberPanel. I’m very new to this.

I need to change some things on my server apparently. A WordPress plugin I use is broken and I reached out to their paid support. (TLDR is below if you don’t want to read what is going on.)

I paid for Thrive Architect suite for multiple websites, all of the tools work except for Thrive Apprentice (for selling online courses.)

Because this is an issue with that, I reached out to their support. Here’s what their support said:

Thank you for reaching out and apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you.
I completely understand how inconvenient it is when things don’t work as they should.
As far as we can tell, the problem is unrelated to the theme you’re using, as it’s widely available and we haven’t received any complaints about it.
I have disabled your Non-Thrive plugins and the issue persists. I propose contacting your hosting provider once more and requesting that PHP PUT/GET/DELETE/POST requests be enabled, as our products require those methods to function correctly. Also, please ask that they rule out any wp-JSON , admin-ajax or mod security plugin restrictions.
See:Thrive Apprentice ‹ Local S...
You can also forward that link to your Host provider so they can review it further.
Also, I have noticed that the admin dashboard is extremely slow, I recommend you check your account resources as well, as most hosting companies will throttle the performance of the site when the allocated resources is reached.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

TLDR - I need to apparently Enable PHP PUT/GET/DELETE/POST requests, and rule out any WP-JSON, admin-ajax, or mod security plugin restrictions.

I have no idea what any of this means. How would I do this for CyberPanel…? Thanks

Try disabling modsecurity and see if the problem persists.
All those requessts are already available, you might be getting blocked.

Check modsecurity logs and error logs for more info.

Thanks for the reply!

It says Mod Security isn’t installed apparently. Or am I missing something…? Very new to CyberPanel.

Could it possibly be something with the firewall that is causing these issues…? Or the fact that these websites are using CloudFlare?

Not sure how the plugin is working, but yes, if cloudflare proxy is enabled it yes can be the issue.
For example when you wanna first enable litespeed cache cdn function and you want to obtain your domain key, it will fail if under cloudflare proxy, maintenance plugins enabled and such.

Can you say what’s the plugin name in order to do a test here?

Thanks for the reply!

I posted on the CloudFlare forums and went through a bunch of the steps they recommended.

It didn’t seem to fix the issue.

I’m also having an issue with Mautic (and posted a separate thread.) The Mautic install isn’t behind CloudFlare…I’m pretty convinced it’s an issue with CyberPanel since all these different platforms are having issues.

Could you name the plugin please?
To try in my installation.

Because I have a custom cyberpanel installation with some core changes, just to see if it works correctly there. If it does, I will send you it by pm.

Thrive Apprentice was the plugin that’s causing issues.