Whmcs and adding servers

does cyberpanel integrate with whmcs for adding servers?

you mean same function as virtualizor ?

No like plesk or cpanel?

However if it could eventually work like virtualizor or virtuosso, it would be great since I want to keep our solution to litespeed, cyberpanel, cloudlinux , whmcs as much as possible.

I use this without any problem do you have any question?

do you have a recommended ami from aws for install?

it depends on what exactly you want to start with

please note I prefer virtualizor usage with dedicated as it have some issues when use with cloud

do you want host your own websites or making vps’s for a client or … ? many scenarios

Not many but a combination of the two.

What I need immediate help with is:

  1. I am installing the lightspeed technologies ami for cyberpanel on AWS (no problems)

  2. I need to install or get WHMCS working asap

  3. Convert OS to cloudlinux.

  4. Next phase:

  5. Take a new look at either virtualizor or virtuozzo

  6. Reading on the cyberpanel. Vs your own solution for high availability, etc

  7. Reading up right now on cloud.cyberpanel.com will activate the moment I get whmcs running

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1- Great
2- WHMCS Did you try this steps ?
3- convert to cloudlinux is very easy if you follow steps of usmannasir Here >> https://community.cyberpanel.net/t/1-convert-cyberpanel-to-cloudlinux-os-and-install-cagefs/174

5- Virtualizor or any other option is different as cyberpanel is CP but it have option such as VMM https://cyberpanel.net/docs/rc-installing-cyberpanel-vmm-virtual-machine-manager/

6- for high availability, I recommend use cyberpanel cloud as it’s more easy for you, there is another options but you need experience … please not I’m just member same as you and just help others using my experience :slight_smile:

7- yes sure cloud will help you much

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