Website backup failed

I’m facing the backup error for one of the websites, while other websites backup succeeds. The “status” file in the “backup” folder under the website home directory says:

“Aborted, Failed to run cp command during backup generation…[365] [5009]”

It seems to me an error related to transferring the backup file after completed. Can you tell me where is the working directory of the backup process, is the backup file temporarily created there before being transferred?

I’m suspecting something relate to database sql files size, it’s large in this website. Is there some settings in Python (which is used to run the backup process) related to maximum file size, like for example in PHP maximum upload file size? I see database files are sql files, not compressed, and they are large in size.

Hello @New

You did not provide any context as to which version of cyberpanel you are using, the server os or what you did to try and fix this.

Follow this conversation CyberPanel Backups v2 Proposal

I’m using the most recent update on centos7

I tried to increase the max upload size of PHP7.4 but didn’t work

What ese can be the reason?

Any feedback?

Can you tell me where can I find the backup log file that gives specific information about the error, I want to know exactly the error exception statement to fix it.

I haven’t heard response for this problem, and still recurring.

Can you at least tell me the steps done during the backup process so that I can check what can be causing the problem?