Follow up on Backup issue thread

Regarding this thread which not getting replies lately: Website backup failed - Support and Discussion - CyberPanel Community

Would you please give me the backup script commands so that I can run it from command line to check what is the issue with this specific website backup?

I found the same website is backing up correctly to AWS, and databases are exported normally. The problem is related to local copy. I get this error message:

Aborted, Failed to run cp command during backup generation…[365] [5009]

I see the “backup” folder under the website’s home directory containing the “public_html” with folders and files, not sure if files are missing. The “backup” folder doesn’t contain anything else except the “status” file.

I tried manual copy on command line from the same source to same destination, I didn’t get any error.

How can I know what’s wrong with local backup of this website? It’s not related to database size or export, it’s simply file coying issue.