How to back up and restore an entire CyberPanel VPS

I’d like to update CP, but the amount of posts describing troubles is scary.

Sadly, I have a VPS that doesn’t offer snapshots, clones or backups.

I could manually make backups of each site’s files, database, cron jobs, php settings etc. but that’s a lot of work. I essentially want to make a backup of the entire server, so I can roll back to this point should the update fail.

Can I simply zip/tar up all root folders? I’ve been told not all, so which?
And when restoring, do I first install the OS and then just unpack the backup and reboot?
Has anyone done this before?

Alternative solutions are also welcome.

Welcome @timbr Happy you are here

A hosting provider that does not offer snapshot management or backup management via ftp or provate network is a bad provider. Its like driving a car with no insurance.

As to your question CyberPanel does not provider such a feature. I have not seen a hosting panel that offers a whole backup of the server or VPS.

What CyberPanel offers?

  1. 2 - Create/Restore Incremental Backups
  2. 3 - Remote Transfer

What you can do?

  1. Buy a storage VPS for scheduled incremental backups
  2. Buy Google Drive backups for scheduled incremental backups
  3. CyberPanel source code is opensource for peer review. Download the source and tweak it to your needs. Check this out - GitHub - josephgodwinkimani/cyberpanel: Nitpicked version of CyberP + new features

Hey Joseph.

I didn’t expect CP to have a full VPS backup feature, that’s obviously outside the scope.

The backup features you linked are an interesting middle ground, but they are all site specific. I’ll give those a shot if nothing else comes up.

If someone has experience with manually cloning / backing up an entire CyberPanel VPS (Ubuntu 20 LTS in my case) and restoring it, I’d love to hear.