3 - Remote Transfer

Remote transfer can help you transfer accounts from remote CyberPanel installation to local CyberPanel installation. Version 1.5 of CyberPanel is required on both ends.

Fetch Accounts

Main > Back ups > Remote Back ups

The first step is to fetch and select accounts you want to transfer from the remote server.

  1. Enter IP or hostname where CyberPanel is installed.

  2. Enter a password for “admin” account at your remote CyberPanel installation.

After filling these detail click Fetch Accounts to get a list of accounts on a remote server.

Start Transfer

Once you are satisfied with the selection of accounts you want to transfer you can click Start Transfer to initiate transfer of accounts from a remote server. Depending on the size of accounts, it may take some time to complete the transfer.

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not working sir… latest version

Not working with the latest version.

Also please include an option to select a different port instead of 8090.


will pass on this

Was anyone able to get this working on the latest version? Failing for me. Any work arounds?

@usmannasir Sadly its not working

A remote file transfer is the process of transferring or sending a file to a device or network node external to the local network.

Its not working, did you manage to get it to work ?

Its not working..

So I was able to get this working.This is what I did.

  1. As root or sudo user, chmod 777 /home/backup
  2. If you are using an Internal IP, update /etc/cyberpanel/machineIP with the correct internal IP instead of your external IP.
  3. Transfer 1 site.
  4. Confirm the site transfered in websites.
  5. Transfer the remaining sites.

SSH keys did not transfer though.