Does not access panel after installing SSl for hostname


I’ve activated SSl for hostname, and I just can not access anything else, not one of these two:> IP: 8090

I followed the steps to enable SSL for hostname in this link:

Now when I try to access, it stays like this screen (according to the image):


systemctl restart lscpd


systemctl restart lscpd

Thank you! Solved my problem.

I want to set up SSL for the domain when I access port 8090. Currently on my website when I access port 8090 of cyberpanel, it still requires verification of the reliability of the SSL connection from the browser (chorme or Firefox).
My url:


Your SSL is not issued successfully, check CyberPanel main log file for more details.

My SSL has been successfully installed. Only access to the cyberpanel admin is the case of a ssl error. I could not find the error and how to fix it. Please help me.

Please Create Ticket with us. Link →