Difference between Cyberpanel free and Cyberpanel with full addons

I currently have a server with CyberPanel + full addons but I’ll like to know what I’ll miss should I get another without full addons.

Hello @JosephChuksT

CyberPanel with addons has the following features:

  1. Rspamd Manager - How to install and configure Rspamd on CyberPanel - YouTube, How to Access RSPAMD GUI on CyberPanel
  2. Test Domain - CyberPanel Test Domain Feature
  3. Root File Manager - Manage Server Level Files like all files in /usr/local/lsws, /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root (to edit root cronjobs) straight from file manager
  4. Backups Retention for Google Drive backups - retain your backups “forever” when you Backup to Google Drive
  5. Wordpress Manager - How To Easily Setup WordPress Staging Site Using CyberPanel?, CyberPanel WordPress Manager - CyberPanel, How to Deploy WordPress using WordPress Manager
  6. Email Inspector- this should be on every mission critical cyberpanel server. This is a must have

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