Backup to Google Drive

As a result of massive user interest and most upvoted feature requests, CyberPanel has added the option to save backups to Google Drive in version 2.0.2.

You can configure as many Google Drive accounts and configure each account with the different or same set of sites for backups.

1. Login to your Cyberpanel

Use your Cyberpanel credentials to log in

2. Go to Backup → Set up Google Drive

3. Click on “Setup new account”

4. In the pop-up box, enter any name you want to use

5. Allow CyberPanel to save backups to your Google Drive

You will have to log in to your Google account if you aren’t already logged in

6. Confirm again

7. You will be redirected back to Google drive setup screen, choose the account you created in step 4

8. Select backup frequency and the site you want to backup and click Add Site

CyberPanel provides an option to View logs which can be used to check details of the backup process and transfer to Google Drive

That’s it. You have successfully set up periodic backups to your Google Drive. CyberPanel makes it easy for you to set up direct backups to Google drive in less than 5 minutes

Troubleshooting redirection from platform to cloud

We have recently shifted the support URL from to If you are being redirected and unable to setup, please upgrade Cyberpanel and try again

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Hi, team!

I’m really struggling with this feature. I have no idea how I can check if it’s working, as there is no feedback on when the next scheduled backup is run, when the last backup is run, if there’s a way to manually start a backup.

‘View Logs’ is just empty.

@harryf after adding sites to the g drive back just run this command once

/usr/local/CyberCP/bin/python /usr/local/CyberCP/IncBackups/ Daily

change the last daily according to the time you want to set.


Confirmed! This seems to work to invoke the first backup. I used word “Weekly” in my command and got an immediate response in the View Logs (Git Logs) GUI.

/usr/local/CyberCP/bin/python /usr/local/CyberCP/IncBackups/ Weekly

Within minutes, the backup succeeded.

Is there any way to verify the scheduling/CRONs associated with this service? Thanks, team!

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Hello, I found this feature very successful, but I cannot start a backup at the time interval I want. e.g; It starts taking backups every day after 12 pm, but I want it to backup around 3 am. Where can I change this setting?

I follow the step by step, but when I click [setup new account] it sends me to this CyberPanel Cloud screen.

Did anything change? It was so much simpler!

Changed from to ?

Or is it a SCAM? And why did they do it? It’s so less professional, don’t you think? An unrelated name.

You are not required to connect your server to cyberpanel cloud. Its a paid service offered by the team to add some extra tools to the opensource cyberpanel. Some tools are outdated though (like the upgrade process tool).

You should be good with the cyberpanel installation itself without connecting to cyberpanel cloud.

And yes, this is not any scam. Cyberpanel is a project started by cyberpersons team which is started by Usman Nasir. You can proceed if you wish to connect to cyberpanel cloud tools.

@usmannasir @shoaibkk @die2mrw007

I have found a few significant bugs with Google Drive backups (and perhaps all backups).

I just Deleted a website and then Restored the backup that was in Google Drive. But there’s a bunch of stuff missing.

  1. SSH Access Public Key is gone
  2. ALL custom changes that I had made to the vHost Conf are reset to the defaults now. Both for the parent and child domains.

This seems like a significant problem. I only wonder what else is not being backed up by the backup mechanism…

Having good, reliable backups might be the most important feature in a control panel and it seems like none of the mechanisms work properly right now. Combined with Incremental Backup Restore not working (because restic doesn’t do proper restores), I think it should be a top priority to fix these all at once. I would be happy to help with the rclone/restic incremental backup mechanism since I already have looked into it a lot - but my lack of skill and lack of time mean that you have to take the lead.


I just did a normal backup on a new/empty Website and the same thing happened. No SSH saved, vHost changes not restored. Rewrite rules seem to have been restored.