CyberPanel Test Domain Feature

The test domain allows you to deploy websites without the need to add DNS records, it allows you to create staging environments, deploy test websites, and much more…

Create and deploy test website for your clients without adding DNS records or registering a domain name.

Now moving towards the procedure.

First go to the CyberPanel “MAIN” dashboard.


→ Go to the “Deploy WordPress” section.

→ You will see additional feature in the page “Test Domain

Here you can see in the image. There is an additional option of with Checkbox.

Enable the Checkbox with the name “Test Domain” and this will set the main domain for you. You do need not to register the domain with any of the DNS Manager. Cyberpanel will assign a temporary domain for your site.

→ Fill up all the required fields, There are no other extra changes required just move with the required fields.

→ Then click on the “Create Website” at the end of the page. This will create a site for you.

→ Now to see the created domain site. Open “List WordPress

→ Select and open the Test domain WordPress site. You will see the site will be ready.

Test domain for Staging Sites

→ Additionally if you want to create a Staging site for a test domain WordPress site.

You will see there is also a temporary domain feature in the staging site tab. This will provide a temporary domain for your staging site

→ Enter the staging site Name.

→ Enter Domain Name.

→ Then click on “Create Now”.

Your staging site will be created successfully.

Thank you for the great work. However, I had to downgrade since I couldn’t create sites anymore after upgrading. I saw only “Test Domain” instead of “Domain Name”.

Just clear browser cache to resolve that.

I see the option now but it says “you have not subscribed to this feature. Click here” which takes me to this page.


I can’t create a new web-site with the TEST feature enabled → how do I subscribe for this feature?

any update on this? Still unable to use this feature

Sadly I face the same issue! I need to subscribe for this but I dont know how / where :melting_face: :pensive:

Hello, have u fixed this?

so this is still not fixed for me. any update form anyone on this? seems like it may be a feature only available with CyberPanel’s wordpress paid addon.

temp domain is a paid feature

This should not be enabled by default.

When i make a test website i get this: Screenshot by Lightshot how te resolve?

Within my CyberPanel, when I go to create a website or WordPress site. I have to enter a domain, and it will not show me an option to have a test domain as per this guide.

I am on the 7 Day All Addon Free Trial. Any help would be appreciated.

Here are screenshots of the Create Website and Deploy WordPress pages.