Cannot unpack non-iterable int object [404]

When installing a WordPress application on a new website, it reports this error to me:

Installation failed. Error message: cannot unpack non-iterable int object [404]

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May i know your Cyberpanel Version ?

My current CP version is 2.1 …

whats build ? 1 or 2 ?

Build - 2.

can you do upgrade ?
official 2.1.2
but sometime developer fix some issue without changing the build number


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Even after the upgrade, the CP reports: Installation failed. Error message: cannot unpack non-iterable int object [404]

Could I have disturbed anything after this - How to resolve PHPMyAdmin blank page error CyberPanel? - Solved Doc … so I can’t do the WP installation now?

CP main log file: [03.03.2022_10-48-57] (1045, “Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)”)

at that case i cant help
because i never find that error :frowning:
may @Dreamer know the solution ?

No any clue… Maybe @die2mrw007 know he is much better when nee to dig down.

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did you change the sql root pass ?
or using same password from begining installation ?

Check this guide if you have changed MySQL root password: Some Dont's After Installing CyberPanel!

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I changed the root user password of phpMyAdmin, but now when I want to say the password to the CyberPanel system to use an updated password, in this way as you tell me, it reports to me that permission was denied.

I am sorry, dont understand your problem now.

PHPMyadmin itself dont have any password, it use mysql logins.

In this text, my problem is described under the second step, only the second part of that step does not suit me.

That is the old way, new way is described here → Some Dont's After Installing CyberPanel!

Because CyberPanel now comes with PHPMyadmin auto login.

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Okay, but when I try to do this from the - MYSQL Password section, it reports “Permission denied” to me.

You can hire your self a system administrator, because the guide shared above is exactly what you need to do.

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I will, of course. And you should hire someone for public relations. :slight_smile:

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