Wordpress: Installation failed. Error message: [404]

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Fixed it with this command on ubuntu

sudo apt-get install php-mysql

I’m still have this issue even after installation

@yordanssss what do mean by restart, should I loged out the cyberpanel or anything else? (Sorry I’m not technical and I’m having hard to understand these terms)

I restarted OpenLiteSpeed after installing php mysql but still the issue is existing. I have tried several ways to resolve this issue but the issue is as it is. I also tried to install WordPress manually, but now this time getting WordPress troubleshooting error. @usmannasir please provide any solution. I’m stuck here, please help!

I also tried to install WordPress manually, but now this time getting WordPress troubleshooting error. @usmannasir please provide any solution. I’m stuck here,

Finally, after many efforts I deleted my server and deploy it again, and this time it’s working fine. I didn’t learn anything from it as I still don’t know why this issue come to my server. BTW CyberPanel is an amazing free resource but with a lack of support. Deploy the server again is not the solution.

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I had the same problem but I already had a website working and I went to install the second one and it happened. I was afraid to run the command install php_mysql and that would cause problems on the site already working. I found that when installing the site it does not create the database. So I created it manually and edited the wp- file
config of the new site with the data but the installation was default, without the LS Cache.
If I ran the install command, would it harm the site running?
Thanks a lot!

I had this problem also but it was related to my mysql config file “/etc/my.cnf”

I had to remove 2 lines:

restarted mysql and issue was resolved in centos 7

The command “sudo apt-get install php-mysql” solved it in my case.
Ubuntu 20.04 and PHP 7.4

I’ve got still issue on CentOS 7.9
Trying to install WP and getting “Installation failed. Error message: [Errno 13] Permission denied:”

Run command touch /usr/local/CyberCP/debug - doesn’t work for me.
But journalctl -f | grep lscpd shows me

root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/tmp/lscpd ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/cat /home/cyberpanel/6370
root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/tmp/lscpd ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/chown -R cyberpanel:cyberpanel /home/cyberpanel
root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/tmp/lscpd ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/wp --info
root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/tmp/lscpd ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/chmod 755 /home/timkod.ru/public_html/glamping
root : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/tmp/lscpd ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/cat /home/cyberpanel/6756

Please help me!

Fixed it this 404 error with this command on ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install php-mysql

***** [Worked for me as well ] *****

Thanks! 23.09.21

Hello, a complete noob here :smile:
I have no experience dealing with this type of issues, any way i wanted to start blogging on wordpress, i did some research and found out that the hosting server is important; i went in and baught a server on contabo, watched a few videos, installed Ubuntu on my new server, i felt like Einstein lol, eveything working fine, watched another video on how to install wordpress, followed every step and yes it worked like a charm, wordpress was installed successfully, after that i logged in to my wp-admin dashboard to fix some stuff and actually start my first blog, i said why not buy a theme so that my website looks cooler, i did that and this is when the problems started : i baught the theme but when i wanted to install it ;i got an error stating that the file size is too big, after some research i found out that i’m only able to upload files up to 2M ‘in size’ ,I contacted the contabo support and they said it’s up to me because i baught a self managed server!!!, after a few attempts they told me to modifi my ini.files !!! that was like asking me to produce a ‘bomb’ i got scared and i started sweating and looking at every video, every forum ‘like i’m doing now’…nothing, then i watched a video stating that instaling wordpress on Cyberpanel is easier and suggested to reinstal the VPS server, i did exactly that…started all over…after setting up the VPS with ubuntu ‘again’ i went on and installed Cyberpanel, it worked ,i went to my dashboard and followed the steps on how to set up wordpress, it did not work every time i try i get the 404 error popup, i said i have a brilliant idea : i’ll buy a new domain name and start all over again hhhh wich i did, and guess what ?
it did not work either, now i have spent every dollar on my credit card that i was saving in order to have my own server and website and start a blog :neutral: .
i realised that when i try to applicate the ssl it works but when i reload or go to manage the website in another tab to start installing wordpressn, it shows that it’s not SSl"ed and that i should re-do it again !!!
i’m confussed and i feel stupid and that i wasted my money for nothing.
now i can not get back to my first wordpress because it says can’t login to it an i can not start a new one because of this 404 error?
And with technical knowledge, i’m stuck here.

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The command “sudo apt-get install php-mysql” solved it in my case.
Ubuntu 20.04 and PHP 7.4

Iam also faced same issue on Digital Ocean server, I have chosen market place to install the panel. One my three attempt the same issue was faced. So i deleted the server and installed an fresh copy using the same market place. On the frst shh login it asked for upgrade it was done, second i updated the packages and then used this comment " sudo apt-get install php-mysql " and rebooted the server. everything work fine with our any issue.

For me didnt worked … i am on AWS i tried to follow both solutions… For me it sounds really annoing and a bit stupid to dont do tests of functionalities before launching updates … This thing with personal compiled php versions that dont allow us to install wordpress it`s denotes alot of unprofessionalism… If i were a programmer and i had compiled php to suit my needs, then for sure i would check if all the apps will work with it … in all platforms , and if not working, i would try to also compile the apps to suit my needs too…

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For mine, I found out the website hit the limit of the number of databases for the package so the database was not created whenever WordPress tried to install.

I increased the number of databases allowed for the package and it worked.

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it seems that wordpress can’t establish a connection to database
for most this command should work without any reboot.
apt-get install php-mysql

if this didn’t work, you should post your error-logs and debug as mintioned in the docs : Troubleshooting CyberPanel - CyberPanel
so other users can help you

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Thank you Josh.
You save my Day.

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apt-get install php-mysql didn’t work for me. I upgraded cyberpanel and everything worked again. 02 - Upgrading CyberPanel - Docs / 01 - Install/Upgrade - CyberPanel Community. I hope this helps some people.

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This won’t do anything as CyberPanel use lsphp

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So what is the correct solution here? Upgrade cyberpanel like I did?

I can’t see much info in original post, but sometimes its wp-cli not installed or problem with lsphp cli.