Wordpress Auto Installer Not Completed

hello, im facing problem…
before this i do not do anything change at server. except optimize my.cf from cloud but i have already restore the original one.
restart server already done

when i install wordpress. it stop with red notice 404
after i open the url it said database cannot established

i check the domain folder. it have completed wordpress files

i try it 5-6times then i decides to install manual wordpress because i need wp installed asap.

not i try again but the error still exist.

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I will try to reproduce this on my test server and see how it goes.


i re test it now too
but same server

with my.cf file backup restored
(different server ID)

test on joomla installer it find


tested on different domain,
different path
same server

test joomla… it working so nothing happen with maria. or other config except WP

be right back. tested with other installer

Try this

sudo apt-get install php-mysql
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ok… i will try… now

it’s working

what happen ?
broken because of cloud ?

No, cloud doesnt break anything nor uninstall anything.

Its related to ubuntu OS

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thankyou for your update…
so if i need to deploy new cyberpanel vps
i should check the wp first then if error occurs i need to install php mysql ?

Yes, you can follow that way.

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FYI, this issue was not fixed for me with install php-mysql. Moreover, that should not be the solution because it is not the lsphp version…

I solved it by upgrading CyberPanel, as detailed and confirmed by Usman in this thread Wordpress: Installation failed. Error message: [404]