Welcome to CyberPanel Community

Hello everyone, thank you for your suggestions and feedback. We’ve finally decided to move our community to Discourse. This will help us organize documentation, discussions and discuss issues around CyberPanel and in general tech stuff.


Awesomeness this is going to be a great place to hang out

True, will just take some time getting used to.

Looks cool and excellent experience. Kuddos

Nice to see you all here.

Very nice, successful move to the next stage

This is cool and will help making it easy to look for previously answered questions.

Great stuff, it has been confusing having several different places to talk all things Cyberpanel!


im in…i hope this community will grow and give the best “community support”

Great new forum here. Thanks to all the Cyber People

Looks like a definite improvement over the old forum, and hopefully will be a bit more active with community helping each other out.

One thing that Discourse does well is search, which will make it much easier to find answers as well.

Great move :slight_smile:


Yes vanilla search feature was not that good.

hi all, new to this forum, going to install cyberpanel on 3 cloud server 2 with openlitespeed one with litespeed enterprise :wink:


Hi, new here. Just installed CyberPanel on my VPS. Hope it is what I want. Tried a few others but they are so complicated.

my name is teem pade, i am also new here

i am also new here.


I am new to CyberPanel but have been using CPanel for sometime so just got to get through the learning curve. I have been fortunate to have support from a couple of very helpful techs…thanks so much, especially for your patience with me Logan & Adam.


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Hi, i am also new here !

Congratulations for the good work, CyberPanel Is very very good and free Control Panel.

pleasure to be here…Robert