Web Site Hosting Time

When I create a site I want it to stop automatic service after 1 year how can I do that

Happy New Year @cagriel

What do you mean ? What do you want to achieve take me through it

For example, I created a domain

cagriel.com creation date 19.02.2023

This domain needs to be closed automatically after a year for hosting management and I want it to be reported to the system administrator, that is, in the form of an annual subscription.

You are talking about a billing system. CyberPanel is just a hosting administration panel. There are several biling sysems that support CyberPanel through official plugins such as CyberPanel Integration - Clientexec, CyberPanel WHMCS Module (Doesnt seem to work with latest API), CyberPanel | HostBill | Billing & Automation Software for WebHosts

There’s also FOSSBilling which is very promising and open source. I hope there an extension to add CyberPanel to FOSSBilling.