Ubuntu 22.04 LTS support OLS is supported since aug 10, 2022 (13 days)

Hello, I am curious if and when support is coming for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS? OpenLiteSpeed is supported on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS after adding the repos:

wget -O - https://repo.litespeed.sh | sudo bash

I tried altering the sh script (https://cyberpanel.net/install.sh) to SERVER_OS=“Ubuntu22” and add the if statement to 22.04 which seems to install fine, except afterwards (after a reboot ofcourse) trying to open the control panel https://—ip—:8090/ results in an internal server error.

I unfortunately have an VPS at an hosting company (strato) which only have install options for: Debian 11, Debian 12 (testing) and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, so I cannot go with Ubuntu 20.xx

Personally I prefer Debian 11, because it’s ultra stability (despite it lacks newer software repos out of the box). But Ubuntu is fine either.

Cyberpanel also will start support soon team is working on it


Excellent, thanks for your reply shoaibkk.

Came here to ask about 22.04 LTS support as I saw Open Litespeed has finally been updated Installing openlitespeed on ubuntu 22.04 | Page 2 | OpenLiteSpeed Community and News
Note: Support in 22.04 is only for lsphp74-81 onwards.

Seems fine the php7.4+ only.
Shouldn’t be hard to update existing scripts from 71/72/73 to 74 where needed.
Yet they should fix the imagick at rhel based OS.

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