[TUTORIAL] Accessing CyberPanel without port :8090 - Direct access via hostname or any other domain (Part 1)

Easiest Way to Set Up and Use the User Interface

1. DNS Configuration
Choose a domain or subdomain and create an ‘A’ type record pointing to the ‘main server IP’, without DNS proxy.

  • Example: We will use mypanel.interpryce.com
  • DNS Configuration: Type A → Name: mypanel → Value: "your-ip" → TTL: Auto
  • Outcome: Subdomain as hostname → mypanel.interpryce.com

2. Hostname Configuration in CyberPanel
Set up CyberPanel to be accessed via the chosen hostname.

  • Example: Add mypanel.interpryce.com as a new site in CyberPanel and set it as the hostname.

Note: If you already have a hostname configured, skip to step 3.

Proxy Creation

3. OLS Panel Access Credentials
If necessary, set your Username and Password to access the OLS Panel.

  • In the server’s SSH terminal, execute:
    cd /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc && ./admpass.sh
  • Follow the instructions to keep “admin” or set a new username and password.

3.1 Accessing the OLS Panel

  • Access your-ip:7080

4. Virtual Host Configuration
Go to ‘Virtual Hosts > Summary’ and open the settings for your configured hostname.

5. External Application Configuration
In ‘External App’, add a new entry and set up your Proxy.

  • Type: Web Server → Define Localhost
  • Name: In this example “MyProxy” (a unique key without spaces)
  • Address: https://localhost:8090

6. Context Configuration
In ‘Context’, add a new context and link it to the Proxy you just created.

  • Proxy: “MyProxy”

7. Restarting OLS

After configuring, restart OLS to apply the changes.


I’ve noticed several posts here with different ways to accomplish this task. However, I believe that my method is the most efficient and simple, and can be executed mostly through the user interface.

I have been using this method for years and have never encountered any issues, unlike other techniques that I see around here. That’s why I decided to share it. I hope it proves useful to many. :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to see and apply Part 2. :slight_smile:

I’ve shared it in our facebook group because its informative and explained in detailed.

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Excellent! It is likely that many will adopt this approach, firstly for security reasons and, secondly, for the enhanced navigation experience on the panel (URL’s Friendly), especially for those who use it professionally.