The certificate is self-signed. None of the common names in the certificate match the domain name

I followed this post How to fix SSL issues in CyberPanel and can’t find how to fix my SSL issue with
Any idea how to debug it?

I’m on vultr, DNS pointing to cloudflare.
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Hello @ipoblete

You have apache installed ?

Did you try to reissue the ssl certificate via the cyberpanel dashboard ?

if cloud-flare proxy is on then you cant have lets encrypt ssl .
try disabling cloud-flare proxy

I have Ubuntu 22.04 on cyberpanel with other 2 domains that are working fine.
Yes, I submitted again but not working.
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I doubt this website was created on cyberpanel. Do you have apache webserver installed ?

I have now cloudflare as DNS only.
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Yes, its on cyberpanel on a Vultr server with Ubuntu 22.04
And also have two other websites that are working fine.
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CyberPanel does not use Apache. It uses LiteSpeed or OpenLiteSpeed webserver. Kindly remove all or any other webservers on your server that are not OLS/LS

thanks for the comment. I am new to this so I don’t have that much experience. The weird thing is that I have a server in Vultr that I installed from the marketplace the cyberpanel application. I have 3 sites on it, 2 of them work fine and the third one is the one with SSL issues. Given the apache comment, I ran the apache2 -v command and it came back,

Apache/2.3.41 (Ubuntu)

That would mean that I installed apache by mistake then?
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Follow this guide Self Signed SSL Issue · josephgodwinkimani/cyberpanel Wiki · GitHub you have a self-signed ssl certificate

Do these steps work ?

fixed, thank you!

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