Website SSL is self-signed after every month


Has anyone ever encountered a problem with Cyberpanel’s SSL suddenly changing to Self Singed?


  1. Cyberpanel Latest version
  2. SSL Positive SSL
  3. Litespeed Web Server (LSWS)

Installation Steps:
Add SSL from Manage website


suddenly ssl changes to self signed (this experience I have experienced for the past 2 months) almost every month it seems to change to self signed and have to re-enter KEY+ CERT. Last day this problem occurred

where is the error or how to solve it? sorry I can’t provide a screenshot because I panicked and immediately re-entered the SSL


Happy New Year @updateorid

Try the following fixes

If you cannot access OLS/LS WebAdmin Console

Run to reset OLS/LS password

cd /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc
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@josephgodwinke does it apply to LSWS ? because I don’t use OLS

Did you see this part ? LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) = LS. Yes it doesnt matter which version you are using

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fix. Thankyou very much

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