Sub domain not working

Hello! I have a website I would like to make a sub-domain for other cities - I created a new child domain in and address for sub-domain website -
I need next address: How do this work?

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Can you confirm what you want to achieve?

Say is your primary domain.

To create sub-domains from the primary domain you achieve this through the following ways:

  1. Create a website with domain
  2. Create a child domain

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i created a child domain. Source of the website in folder - and my website open in link:
But i would like website opens in link

if you added as child domain you can open this as you like the subdomain what is the issue in opring?

Can i make link in this method?

Yes. you can create a website the CyberPanel way. Just add in Domain name field.

See here: Sub domain not working - #2 by josephgodwinke

Avoid this kind of path do this instead:

Say is at /home/

Set as /home/ so that you separate both websites completely for better management

I set as /home/
But link not working.

But i can’t add new website if i also added child domain.

Do not edit the VHOST that way. This can be easily done the recommended CyberPanel way

Please if you can do this:

  1. Delete and all its child domains and mailboxes
  2. Go to https://SERVER_URL/websites/createWebsite
  3. In Domain Name field add

I created website, but link don’t works

I created website, but where i change as /home/

Can you delete website and follow the instructions here Sub domain not working - #2 by josephgodwinke