Storage Instalation Cyberpanel

I have a physical server with Centos 7 operating system and 500GB of storage. for the partition there is no partition division at the time of OS installation.

Cyberpanel has been successfully installed on my server, but I wonder why cyberpanel only reads 50GB while the server hard disk is 500GB. can anyone explain to me?

can of please show the fllowing commands results .

  • grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo

I just added 500gb of free HDD storage, so there’s a total of 1TB of storage. I thought it would affect the cyber panel’s readable storage but it doesn’t

how do i maximize the storage i have for cyberpanel. so it doesn’t only read 50GB

Your answer is available here → How do I get Cyberpanel to recognise a newly added volume not "/"?

Since you have mounted your volume to /home, you can continue to create website and your whole space will be used but CyberPanel will only show usage of / mountpoint and you can ignore that as long as you have disk space on /home

That makes sense. Thank you.

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