SSH Root Problem

I have activated the root user in the cyber panel then I am unable to open my cyber panel,

after activating this I am Unable to login in my panel

This site can’t be reached is unreachable.


Hello @premyadavsurya

I have contacted to aws support they told me that I have my system access using a terminal so you need to fix it with cyber panel, I have hosted my important website here please help us

Using ssh or vnc or Root File Manager addon for cyberpanel edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and set directive PermitRootLogin yes

I have already set this but still not get any solution

Look at the image what is the error alert in red under permit root login. If you do not have valid ssh keys then dont expect to login to you server.

Change the following:

PubkeyAuthentication no

PasswordAuthentication yes

Try to reboot your server

Thank you For your response After changing this now using ssh asking for a password but I don’t have a password because was previously not, I have only .pem key and still I am unable to access my cyber panel because there is nothing showing
my cyber panel address is

There is no such thing as an ssh password. Which password were you given by your service provider to access your server ? This circles back to SSH Root Problem - #2 by josephgodwinke

I was using a Key pair file,
if I detach this volume from one instance and then connect this with other instance as a secondary volume so should I can migrate my all c panel data to other cyber panel with all DNS record and everything