Several problems with DNS - Alternative setup?

I hit the Thunderbird’s self-signed problem once again and messed up with CP DNS too much, so I started with a fresh install, this time with Ubuntu 20.04 (AlmaLinux packages were too limited for my dev purposes)…

To not make a mess again, I need to ask:

From: [TUTORIAL] How to setup DNS configurations for CyberPanel

Also, there are known issues with mail configurations for any domains we add notable issues invalid DKIM signatures , Non-glued nameserver records , SSL issues with domains and mailserver
To solve this let’s use CloudFlare as our DNS manager

My questions:

  1. Are the statement/bugs above still valid?
  2. I don’t use CloudFlare but my domain provider has a similar utility to manage the whole DNS records. Can I use it?

My configuration is as follows:

  • Server domain:
  • Panel:
  • I have some 5-6 other domains which will be hosted here, some will have subdomains and/or .org/.net counterparts to be handled.
  • I will use the server for regular/daily mail, no bulk mailing. If I ever need to send e-zines etc, I’ll use an external service.
  • All will need to go secure channels (https & TLS/SSL & SFTP), non-encyripted communication will not be allowed.

If the problems mentioned above still exist, can I do this with CP + registrar’s DNS tool?
Any known other problems?

Thank you in advance…

Where are the zone files kept?

Interestingly enough, after installation, I have no problems. Here are the differences:

  1. Ubuntu 20.04.05 instead of Almalinux
  2. I’ve been creating different nameservers per domain, this time I put everything to the main nameserver and changed registrar records accordingly.

This might narrow the problem perhaps…

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