Serious Bug on File Manager Editor | Cyberpanel

Provider: DigitalOcean

System: Ubuntu 18.04

CyberPanel Version: 2.0.0

Installation option:

OLS or Enterprise?

Installing from official server or mirror server?

Install Memcached extension for PHP?

Install LiteSpeed Memcached?

Install Memcached?

Install Redis extension for PHP?

Install Redis?


When I try to edit files on File Manager, UNICODE character gets messed up. It didn’t happen on previous versions of CyberPanel. After I updated it to 2.0.0, everytime I edit files on File Editor UNICODE character to be specific Devanagari (Nepali) UNICODE gets messed up and it has been a real pain. Please fix it ASAP.

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me too, it also happens with Vietnamese texts. Some characters in Vietnamese are cut and lost.

thanks for your suggestion. I’ve already upgraded to the latest version 2.0.1 on my own vps but this problem has not been fixed. The unicode character in Vietnamese were cut and lost after saving. I tried to workaround by adding “AddDefaultCharset utf-8” in .htaccess and I don’t know if it could be fixed totally.

Same I have upgraded to the latest version. The problem still exist. Is someone working in this thread?

I have the same problem with “á,é,í,ó,ú,ñ” letters. File editor randomly deletes some characters inside " " or inside ’ ’ and messes up all the code.
Please fix this!!!

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anyone got any solution from Customer Support regarding this issue ?

I will check this and will see how we can resolve it.


Thank you…
Please try to harry up to fix it because all my work SUSPENDED because of it.

here i released a question for same issue also :

Arabic Language - Missing Letters when save work - Support and Discussion - CyberPanel Community

also u can check this entry;
i explained issue with details.

Dear @usmannasir,

I just wanted to get you a reminder about this issue.