Arabic Language - Missing Letters when save work

What is happening as the following :

  1. I have only one language, which Is Arabic Language
  2. we are facing a problem that when we save our works on program file, some letters are missing from some words.
  3. We tried to fix it manually and put the missing letter again, but when we make(SAVE), the same problem happening again and again in another areas and words and another letters missing again.
  4. We did that manually many many times, but unfortunately the same issue showing.

Please share Screenshot and try to more specific the steps you did and what is the OS of Server?

I use this language normally using Centos with installed font … Remember to install the font please if you not did that and mention here if it worked

Back End :
php laravel


html - css- js-jquey-bootstrap

thank you for fast response.

here the screen shot from my website and related database details.

new users cannot attach more than one image, that is why i am sharing it individually
here the second example :

issue 2

Sorry Late, Yes it’s 100% issue with Font not exist
please add ALL the fonts you are using in your design

the issue I not know which version you use so I not know how to tell you the steps but you can search Google “laravel how to add arabic font” , it’s not Cyberpanel issue too so focus on add the font/fonts , if you need exact steps then please let me know the Laravel ver.

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Thank you so much for replying…

here the link for the same issue happend with other people :

you can consider it the same issue exactly and as i see that problem not fixed till now and no any feedback from cyberpanel customer service.

so you use the file manager editor to edit your code … did you try to use your computer pro editor ?

actually I only use pro editor so I not have issue with non English

Hi @Nada, you use your computer pro editor by FTP?