Second IP for DNS


In this tutorial talk about ns1 and ns2 and each of them have different ip address

Domain Name:
First Nameserver:
IP Address (First NS):
Second Nameserver:
IPAddress (Second NS):

I’m installing my cyberpanle from zero and want to know for dns what should I do if want to assign 2 address ? I mean is it necessary to assign booth ip in my NIC or just add the second ip in DSN console for second name server ? or what?

Do you have multiple IP address from your hosting provider? Most probably you will have to purchase additional IP address. If you have only 1 IP address then enter the same IP address on both nameserver entries.

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Yes I have renage of /29 Ip addres witch gives me 8 number of IP
Then what to do ? is there need any additional settings or just used of of IP’s for the second NS ?