Repair & reinstall

Is there any repair command for all services of cyberpanel & reinstall?
like upcp in cpanel
my phpmyadmin show blank page.

Have you changed your mysql root user password?

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yes, I installed mysql manually

root password needs to be inside these two files:
/usr/local/CyberCP/CyberCP/ at DATABASES

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root db pass ( /etc/cyberpanel/mysqlPassword) is ok and can login to database by ssh.

link https://...:8090/dataBases/phpMyAdmin not working

install phpmyadmin using this link but not resolved

upgarding cyberpanel not solving problem too.
any comment?

Try looking at this tutorial if you only see a White page.

after upgrading cyber panel I get this error



Internal Server Error

An internal server error has occured.

That means your config file is broken. Follow the tutorial over where it copies over a clean config file.

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Here’s my working config file, but you need to put in your own cookie thing.

$cfg[‘blowfish_secret’] = ‘’; /* YOU MUST FILL IN THIS FOR COOKIE AUTH! */
Here’s more info around the blowfish_secret
Why am I seeing blowfish_secret PhpMyAdmin error? (

config-phpmyadmin -

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changing & regenerate blowfish_secret not change the main error.
I still get error 500

Try opening it in another browser, or in incognito window.
You might need to clear the cookies from your main browser for it to work.