Polling: Cyberpanel 2.3.1 with alma or ubuntu

hello all
i know this is like talking which one came first egg or chicken…
but as you know 2.3.1 getting better especially support Alma… i have tried at localhost, everything going well no error…



for the future…
remember lightweight distro is the most important point…

Dev are welcome to comments
we need to know… the most recommended distro for cyberpanel and OLS/ent

Right now my vote for Ubuntu

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Just stick with Ubuntu

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alma : 0
ubuntu : 2

next ?

You can vote here

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yes, but that link was voted before 2.3.1

Almalinux is better in terms of speed, performance and security.

But various repos of centos are outdated and not getting updates (although not a major issue because there are security patches done). For this reason you will need to know linux operations better to get everything you required in almalinux or centos because the repos dont have everything handy like in the case of ubuntu.

if you need latest redis version, ubuntu will have it in its repo but almalinux or centos has the older stable versions and to get the latest version you need to manually add it and configure it. Hence you need better understanding of the linux operations.

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i was ubuntu user from beginning… then they open store, i buy the White band of ONE aids support… hundred CD installer from store (free at the first time)

but for litespeed… i just try in 6 month hhahaha
and that not for commercial yet