Not able to receive emails

Hello I’m not able to receive emails by CyberPanel, but I can send, I’m sure about MX records and I got 10/10 in mail-tester.

already this topic.

or try restarting postfix
command # systemctl restart postfix

or service postfix restart


I try to do all this steps but not working

Please share the logs to know the details of this error


or take the test…
enter your email



what’s the credential for rainloop/admin ? I can’t sign in! , also I tried to test I have the below results

You can find your rainloop admin password here : /usr/local/CyberCP/public/rainloop.php

make sure you have configured correct DNS settings for mails to work.

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please private message me the DNS settings for your domain. I will take a look and guide you if its wrong.

Something seems wrong with your setup as mailserver or server connection is dropped and unable to reach.

Please upgrade your cyberpanel setup using this tutorial: 02 - Upgrading CyberPanel

After upgrading, restart the server and then check if all your issues are resolved or not. Do let us know how it goes through.

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seems DNS are not set accordingly please connect your server with cyberpanel cloud I will enable debugger for you

still have same issue

I don’t understood

You can connect your cyberpanel to

You need to enable api on your cyberpanel to connect cyberpanel cloud.