N8nio/n8n:latest docker image 404 client error: not found (no such image)

Hello everyone,
pls i dont know who can help fix this issue
i folowed the instructions here Install N8n.io on Docker in cyberpanel - #2 by lokischw

but stuck on this screen when i try to pull the image

how do i fix this ?

Happy New Year @OGO

Try and pull this image instead Docker

Hello and happy new year @josephgodwinke

Pls i am little confused as to how to proceed with this…i checked the link you sent and it seems i have download docker desktop ?

i was thinnking i would have to pull the n8n image from inside the cyberpanel or how do i do this ?

i’ll appreciate if you can be explicit with this…i have already created the website inside the cyberpanel

Thank you

Uninstall this. CyberPanel comes with a docker manager already

See this 1 - Getting Started with CyberPanel Docker Manager

Hello @josephgodwinke
I do have docker installed already on my cyberpanel
i just cant pull images for n8n inside of it…hence wy i attached the image to show the error

Lastly i dont know how to fix it using the links you sent earlier

Have you tried to pull the image in your docker desktop on your pc? If the n8n docker image has an issue still on desktop raise a bug report on the repo Issues · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub