Multiple email addresses with different domains problem: Your domains are not aligned. We can't check DMARC

Hi, I was able to setup the cyberpanel SMTP relay using mailgun.

Now all my emails sent was through mailgun SMTP instead of my host.

I have created multiple domains and websites on Cyberpanel.

For example:

My mailgun SMTP domain is domain1

I have multiple email addresses

  • user@domain2
  • user@domain3
  • user@domain4

When I use cyberpanel to send email through user@domain2, the cyberpanel is still using the SMTP from mailgun which is associated with domain1.

Hence, the result will show " Your domains are not aligned. We can’t check DMARC."

The From domain is domain2 since I am sending email via user@domain2.
The DKIM domain is domain1 since I setup the cyberpanel SMTP relay via mailgun.

The from and DKIM is not the same and I am not able to get the DMARC passed.

Since we cannot use separate SMTP relays for each domain.

What are the best ways to match the DKIM and FROM domain to pass the DMARC?

How to setup to pass the DMARC for all email addresses on different domains?

Thank you.

Similar things happen with me too.
I have 4 website in cyberpanel with 2-2 email account each.
I use brevo SMTP in cyberpanel but cyberpanel give me option to put only one as global SMTP relay via terminal, which work for my all 4 domain.
I setup my all four domain to that single brevo account so it’s working.
But I want to use multiple SMTP brevo account for my multiple domain because
There is a limited number of mail I can send from single brevo SMTP account.
If I can use multiple brevo account for each domain.
Then I can get 300/day email limit for each domain.
Right now I have 300/day email limit in total for all my 4 domain.

@mikelee501 pm me, i will show you how to fix it

Ok show me

Ηello. I have the same problem. How can I fix it?

This is expected behavior, you will have to set up multi-domain relay: Configuring Postfix for Multi-Domain Mail Relay | Geek Culture