Add SMTP relay setup in panel

There is SMTP relay setup option available in cyberpanel via terminal, but it work as global SMTP relay setup for every website added in cyberpanel. But it’s is awesome if you add a SMTP relay setup option for each individual website, then users can set different different SMTP relay setup for each website individually, instead of a single global smpt relay setup, like the inbuilt relay option available in hestiacp for each mail domain individually. So users can set SMTP relay for each individual mail sites or if admin want then he/she can set global SMTP relay for each and every domain also. Plz check the hestiacp option and if possible add it in cyberpanel, it will become greate.

I want this too sir.

I want this too sir

I need this too sir.

Yep I need this also

Please add this feature.

Add this feature its good idea.

Very useful features please add this.

I want this really helpful.

Good suggestion really.

Best suggestion I see for cyberpanel.

Nice suggestion need this

Good suggestion I want this.

Me too need this option.

Please add this feature

This is an important suggestion. Me too.

Like other web control panel SMTP in console with different different accounts is important.

This relay features is needed for multiple domain setup. Otherwise every domain mail goes from only one single relay account.