Install a specific version and commit of cyberpanel?

There’s an option in the installation to select a specific version but is there a way to select a specific commit?

I’d like to install 2.4 build 4 commit 7d03fb6de16dfe9036aafc241e2c46e5bda64ef4 as nginx reverse proxy manager works on that version when I’ve installed it a few months ago and just made a new install today and any site I’ve created gives error 400 and from what I’ve remember Apache backend reverse proxy was free back then, not it’s paid.

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Apache was not free anytime just. But you can switch back to pure ols as well

I’ve tried it a few months ago out of curiosity and the apache proxy works and free, but I was already using nginx proxy manager so never really needed it.

Just needed to install the version where nginx proxy manager works or 3rd party reverse proxy not allowed anymore and have to buy that addon?

same situation with the post here where reverse proxy gives error 400 even on fresh install All websites behind reverseproxy get error 400

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