Incremental backups to Google Drive, OneDrive or BackBlaze?


Incremental backups to BackBlaze or Google drive?


Google Drive & SFTP will be better

Google Drive

Please consider following for both incremental and compressed backups

google drive , SFTP for non root users, dropbox, Backblaze

@usmannasir How about S3 compatible storages not just Backblaze? Google Drive will be super handy. Once we have G Drive I don’t think we need other drives like (One Drive, Dropbox etc) practically.

Rclone offers plenty of backup options, it is possible to use it to make dev easy.

According to @h1dd3n_sn1p3r . Google Drive is much more practical and above all it has a free or unlimited plan (if used in a professional environment)

I’ve already started working on Google Drive backups.

Great, like a boss!

Yes but for 60 dollars you can get google drive unlimited

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60 una tantum man

Would love to see Backblaze available for backups.
Have used rclone in the past for command line backups to Backblaze S3. Would be nice to see it supported within Cyber.

When will 2.0.2 be released?

S3 will be great to be integrated with cyberpanel backups.

I’m confused on how to restore a site backup from Google Drive

Any chance some progress was made with this? I also think that OneDrive would be very attractive to many as well - Microsoft Office 365 provides you with 1 TB of space for free!

Hi fliva where i can get it for 60$?