I want maximum upload file size is 1GB, but cannot upload files larger than 700mb in Cyberpanel 2.0

Hi Cyber Panel

I using file manager to upload file. And I can’t upload file larger 700MB, error occurred: “can not be uploaded, Error message:”

I have followed this guide. It still doesn’t work

I did:
1, Cannot add these 2 lines to vhost config
php_value upload_max_filesize “200M”
php_value post_max_size “250M”

2, Edited setting.py, still doesn’t work
nano /usr/local/CyberCP/CyberCP/settings.py
at the end of the file add
systemctl restart lscpd

I want maximum upload file size is 1GB
Please help me, thanks you

To Thai

Anyone help me plz

i can’t even upload a 5MB file,but i can upload files around 1MB or below.it was working fine as soon as the panel installed.but after a few days,things changed. and no matter what server i use,i tried it on different VPS.

You will need to edit the server’s php.ini file and increase the upload limit. It don’t matter what server you use, they all have a php.ini file.

Really large files like the OP mentioned are better uploaded via FTP. He was probably reaching is php timeout limit.

Any one help me. How can upload file by file manager > 200MB
***, I have been asking this for a year, nowhere to be found. I use Litespeed to host my online course website. Even though I have hosted videos on Google Cloud, it still requires me to temporarily archive files in Cyber ​​Panel. Maybe I have to switch to using direct admin?

Hii have you get any update to solve this issue? its already been the same value in the python file there…

i want to add my tar file( 4.2 GB) for backup restore to cyberpanel after a fresh install… stuck and site is down… please help…

Did you try uploading it via winscp to any accessible folder on the server and then copying it to /home/backup/ folder for cyberpanel to restore?