http shows default Apache2 webpage

All websites when accessed using http show a default Apache2 webpage.
In CyberPanel, list websites also shows thumbnails of default Apache2 webpage.
Letsencrypt is failing because of above - fails http challenge.
https access shows correct site although the certificates are not secure.

Any suggestions for what causes ALL http requests to go to this default page?

Using CyberPanel version 2.0 Build 3

Lets encrypt will issue a certificate only when the domain points to your IP address, otherwise it will issue a self-signed certificate.
Point the A-record of your domain to your ip address (or www if using it, or both). Wait till propagation is finished. Then issue SSL again from cyberpanel for your domain name.

@kowalski215 Thanks for the help. The A records are fine, https (using self-signed) is working. The problem is http access always goes to an Apache2 page which does NOT belong to the domain.
When letsencrypt stores its files for negotiation it does put them into the correct folder but http access cannot find them because it goes to the wrong place.

thanks my issue has been fixed.

Do you know how you fixed it, as I am having this problem too

Cyberpanel uses litespeed.
If you see an apache2 webpage, means either you installed it or your OS template came with it pre-installed.

Uninstall apache2
Use a clean image of your OS.

Thanks, removing Apache sorted it :slight_smile:

Can a little bit more direction be given on this? Isn’t Apache installed with Ubuntu by default? Why is it conflicting with Cyberpanel? I followed this advice (I uninstalled apache2) and now Power DNS is not working. For me, removing apache broke it even further.

Wrong. Unless your provider offers you an ubuntu server version with apache installed. You should have a clean install of Ubuntu os.Kindly uninstall all preinstalled software that may conflict with CyberPanel installation such as powerdns, ftp, apache2, mariadb/mysql. OR purchase an ubuntu server with none of the aforementioned software installe.d

Ok, I am figuring this out. I did purchase a clean VPS and installed everything from scratch. Apache was in there I’m sure as part of the process or instructions I was reading at the time.
You did mention Power DNS - I am wondering why this is in my Cyberpanel dashboard? [under manage services → service status] You can turn it on or off, but shouldn’t it be on? My sites are working perfect with it being off so maybe I should leave well-enough alone? I would like to know what it does though.

PowerDNS is running its a panel bug. You can restart lscpd service restart lscpd

PowerDNS manages our DNS with ways to provision zones records. All the features you see about creating domains, websites, default nameservers is powered by PowerDNS. Hell cloudflare instrastructure runs on PowerDNS

I don’t know why mine is showing it’s off. Of course my sites are all working - and I am using cloudflare to do all the heavy DNS work so that seems to be (after beating head against wall) the best combination! I was trying to direct my domain previously (directly to the VPS) using my defined ns1/, and that allowed the control panel and all backend functions to work. I was excited beyond belief how smooth this interface is. But then I tried to create a site with and this did not work. I ended up putting the domain on cloudflare, now it works beautiful - I think a lot more is done (glue records?) with cloudflare DNS. And now I must access the dashboard with [IP]:8090 rather than [domain]:8090 but who cares about that?! (not me)

Its the best dns provider plus you can enjoy their paid services like WAF etc

Cyberpanel should have fixed this for you. Have you added a website for and created a website or to manage your admin panel instead of using server ip?

This is a bug with cyberpanel.

My ubuntu server doesn’t have apache installed (can send you screenshots).
the https opens actual page from litespeed. but http opens apache default page.
This happened on my multiple servers. Other were fixed by just clearing cache from cloudflare and change SSL setting back and forth in CF.
This time I got this problem after running cyberpanel update. and it’s refusing to fix by any means.
There is no apache installed at all. there is no problem with DNS config.

I am Also having the same issues too


I’m experiencing the same issue on one of my VPSs running Ubuntu. When I create a subdomain, CyberPanel fails to issue an SSL certificate due to the Apache 2 default page. This is confusing because CyberPanel should be using OpenLiteSpeed. However, upon checking, I discovered that Apache is installed and running on several servers where I’ve installed CyberPanel using Ubuntu 20.04. Usually, they work fine, but I’m unsure why this problem is occurring now. It could be a bug in the latest version of CyberPanel that needs attention.

What are your thoughts on this, @usmannasir? Could you please look into it?

Thank you.

I successfully issued the SSL certificate, and everything is functioning properly after stopping the apache2 service using this command:

service apache2 stop

However, I’m uncertain if this action alone is sufficient. I believe Apache shouldn’t be installed and operational, considering CyberPanel utilizes OpenLiteSpeed (OLS). At the very least, Apache should either be inactive or, if it remains active, it shouldn’t conflict with OLS.

Good that your issue is now resolved, but with some providers apache comes installed by default, that is why I always recommend minimal OS to install CyberPanel.

Thank you for your response.
I use Hetzner. I typically opt for the minimal version when using a dedicated server, but for VPS, there isn’t an option to select that. What do you think about uninstalling Apache? Alternatively, perhaps CyberPanel could handle that during installation to prevent any potential issues for the user later on. Is that possible?

ok i will take care of this.

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