http shows default Apache2 webpage

All websites when accessed using http show a default Apache2 webpage.
In CyberPanel, list websites also shows thumbnails of default Apache2 webpage.
Letsencrypt is failing because of above - fails http challenge.
https access shows correct site although the certificates are not secure.

Any suggestions for what causes ALL http requests to go to this default page?

Using CyberPanel version 2.0 Build 3

Lets encrypt will issue a certificate only when the domain points to your IP address, otherwise it will issue a self-signed certificate.
Point the A-record of your domain to your ip address (or www if using it, or both). Wait till propagation is finished. Then issue SSL again from cyberpanel for your domain name.

@kowalski215 Thanks for the help. The A records are fine, https (using self-signed) is working. The problem is http access always goes to an Apache2 page which does NOT belong to the domain.
When letsencrypt stores its files for negotiation it does put them into the correct folder but http access cannot find them because it goes to the wrong place.

thanks my issue has been fixed.

Do you know how you fixed it, as I am having this problem too

Cyberpanel uses litespeed.
If you see an apache2 webpage, means either you installed it or your OS template came with it pre-installed.

Uninstall apache2
Use a clean image of your OS.

Thanks, removing Apache sorted it :slight_smile: