How to open port on server?

Hi! Currently I want to open port 8899 on my server (openlitespees, centos7,cyberpanel)

But when I use the command

firewall-cmd --zone=public --permanent --add-port=8890/tcp

firewall-cmd --reload

Then I checked with the following command, it was not successful

telnet 8899

Trying 2606:4700:30::681c:725…
Trying 2606:4700:30::681c:625…


You can add directly from CyberPanel

Hi @Klauser , @CyberPanel

I am working with the chat application with
When I installed chat on localhost, it ran fine. But I install it on the server, it can’t run.
Looks like it has a problem opening the port.

And I opened the port with the following command

firewall-cmd --zone=public --permanent --add-port=8890/tcp

firewall-cmd --reload

I then started running the chat application with the command line

node server.js

Result: Express server listening on port 8890

But I checked with port 8890 on the list of port or not, the result is not found.
lsof -i tcp

Please help me!!!

netstat -lnp | grep 8890

what is the return ?

Hello friends
Easy guide how to open ports in Cyberpanel with CSF (2022) and change the default port to enter the CP.
English and Spanish version.