How to Install Chatwoot in Cyberpanel with Docker

Hello, have anyone tried installing Chatwoot 2 with docker in Cyberpanel? Chatwoot have published a very nice user manual to do this from terminal (Docker Setup | Chatwoot), but I guess it is best to do it in cyberpanel. If anyone have experience or maybe found an step by step instruction or video please let me know :slight_smile:

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Start here 3 - Create Docker Container then make sure you set the important env variables here on your setup

Points to take away before starting Docker Chatwoot Production deployment guide | Chatwoot, Step 6 of Docker Chatwoot Production deployment guide | Chatwoot you will use Reverse Proxy Traffic to Docker Container on CyberPanel

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Thanks for getting back to me joseph. Tried it, but didnt work. First of all port 3000 is already in use on server, and I dont know how to tell docker to use a different port :confused:

Checked the documentation and still no way to do this ideally this should work simply by adding an .env variable. Kindly raise the issue on GitHub