How to get ftp access to all sites?

How to get ftp access to all sites? It is possible to assign only 1 site to an ftp user. I need access to all my sites at once for one user.
Thanks for the reply.

You need to connect as root with sftp. If you load file you need make sure change owner of files to site instead root.

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Thanks. This method is not convenient for me.

use other panel then

this is cyberpanel
free panel
use it as it like or leave it :smiley:
not only for new feature or new UX … BUG are not solved right now… they are very busy to give premium addon to someone here that pay some $$ to get that feature :smiley:

as a free user
i choose to use other panel (dont ask me what panel, i will not tell you) rather than just seat and wait 1 years :smiley:

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I don’t need to ask about your panel, I’ve tested several free panels and have successfully used some on other vps. But thanks for the reply.

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