How can I have multiple domains as email servers within the same VPS?


Hi everyone, what’s up?!

I need help setting up an email server on my VPS server. I already have a reverse DNS on my VPS for the main domain dominio1 . com


A mail server other than domain 1, for example mail.domain2 . com

The users enter at dedicated domain mail.dominio2 . com and can access the email normally - login and passwd.

The bug/problem is that when I configure a new domain it does not have a reverse DNS (see image - error hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB ).

  • Domain 1 with e-mail server on the VPS. It already points to the reverse DNS. I already access the manager (Cyberpanel).
  • Domain 2 already has a site running Wordpress and there is an SMTP server created for plugin.

Does anyone point me to something?

Just issue mail server SSL only for main mail server domain what you use for rDNS, rest mail domains just use normal SSL.

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ok, i will test this.

This is promising: