Hosting multiple websites on CyberPanel

I managed to install and update CyberPanel, added records to GoDaddy so that the domain points to the server.
Right now if I go to the domain it shows that CyberPanel was installed and I can use the domain to access the control panel.
I was also able to setup the mail records and tested it out and mostly it works. I have a 10/10 score but Outlook still blocks it, not sure how to fix that? Anyone knows?
Now here is what I am confused about…
Once I have the custom name servers for the server, that means that my VPS will be handling the DNS, so any external domain that uses those nameservers to point to my server will be able to host their website, is this correct?
If yes, then what about their emails? Do I have to create additional records in their registrars for their emails to work or does the server dkim mx records will work?

first, you should check your header with google header checker and mxtoolbox header checker
second, try to removed smartscreen filter from ms account and your pc
third, modify the spf record and dmarc policy

not quite right… i have vps and baremetal server, cyberpanel plesk cpanel cwp…
all using cloudflare as NS (actually not all, for corporate client i use :stuck_out_tongue: )

not quite right… :stuck_out_tongue:
when a domain points to a server with IN NS then all NS handlers will be taken care of by the server. include CNAME MX or even point IN A somewhere else

domain.tld IN NS ns1.server.tld

but at ns1.server.tld dont have any record about domain.tld
that will result domain error OR at cyberpanel it will display Cyberpanel Welcome Website

different from IN A which only points domain.tld to the server ip

mydomain.tld IN A
then when people browse www.mydomain.tld it will result domain error.
Except i put www.mydomain.tld IN CNAME mydomain.tld

and other combinations

If IN A then you need point MX record at your domain panel
if IN NS then you must check your NZ record already have template to create the zone include IN MX

normally, the web controlpanel (what ever the name) already have zone.template and point MX to local server

Thank you!

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Yes all information given above is right more you can use same name server for all sites just make sure that these are in the ns records of all domain.

Any related tutorials to guide ?

what kind of tutorial ?