FTP not working - 530 Login authentication failed

On the side add username and set initial method as password to add your password. Once you log in click on SFTP tab on the sidebar on the left

Now please tell me how should I access to my website ?

It wont allow me

Did you access SFTP as sudo user or root

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I have ubuntu so I crate user over installation of ubuntu , so yes I am sudo user not root
root user in ubuntu is disabeld by defualt

Create SFTP account on site management section for site where you need SFTP access. That’s how you wont get problems with file permissions too.

@Dreamer I don’t see the SFTP section … just ftp

Up in the right corner.

So many people have the same issue. I am new to cyber panel and I am thinking about getting out while I can. I have noticed so many issues from FTP - DNS - NAMESERVERS

But I like change and I will have a play for a couple of days and if I can not find a resolution then I will go back to cpanel

The only solution to accessing FTP is by using a non secure password instead of hash. FTP not working - 530 Login authentication failed - #32 by webshanks

But you need to create SFTP account to secure your access.

I have a same issue.

I created FTP user, but cannot login.

Ubuntu 20.04.