[FEATURE REQUEST] Improve the Backup Feature

The backup system in Cyberpanel is a crucial component for ensuring the safety and security of website data. However, the current system has a few limitations that can be addressed to enhance its capabilities.

  1. Lack of database backup to remote/Google Drive: Integrating a feature for backing up databases to remote or cloud storage will greatly improve the backup system and provide additional options for website owners.
  2. No option to exclude subdomains or staging websites: Providing the ability to selectively backup specific domains or exclude subdomains and staging websites will offer greater control and flexibility for website owners.
  3. No option for selecting specific directories: Implementing an option for backing up specific directories will simplify the management and restoration of backups.
  4. Lack of hourly database schedule: Introducing a more frequent backup schedule for databases will increase the reliability and efficiency of the backup system.
  5. No incremental backup system for remote storage: Implementing an incremental backup system for remote storage will reduce the size of backup files and speed up the backup process.
  6. Challenging local backup restoration: Streamlining the process for restoring local backups will make the backup system more user-friendly and accessible.
  7. No on-demand backup for remote/Google Drive: Integrating an on-demand backup option for remote/Google Drive will provide greater flexibility and convenience for website owners.

By addressing these limitations, Cyberpanel can position itself as a leading control panel and provide its users with a comprehensive and reliable backup system.

I think about this… CyberPanel its great… but have a big problem BACKUPS

Plese @usmannasir and staff analize this question

Yes it’s true. CyberPanel is greate but backups need work.

@usmannasir please, think about this.

I agree the backups should be a big priority, The backups have caused me to stop using cyberpanel for now, Its a big shame as i really enjoy using cyberpanel but cannot risk my customer sites without backing up, I prefer to have backups running incremental to my nas hosted at my office whilst i am building up the business, but sftp does not seem to be an option in the incremental backups anymore, The full backups worked once but then failed ever since.

I will keep checking back in the hopes that the backups are worked on and i can switch back over.

Backups in CP seem quite hacked together. I haven’t had to restore from any backups yet, but with the current Backup / Restore configs I don’t feel at all confident.

I’m currently adding sites to Scheduled backups with a retention, and downloading those offsite with Chronosync on my Mac via sFTP. That’s slow and I’d prefer to backup to Backblaze.

It’s also easy to forget to manually add newly created websites to the Scheduled backups. Wish there was an option to automatically backup ALL sites in /home

While I think CP’s backup UI and functionality is lacking, I have to say the WHM’s leaves a lot to be desired too. I’ll try and hunt down some panels that do it properly and supply some screenshots so we can see what functionality we all really want to see in CP.

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